"Position Tom Capital as a strong systematic investment fund based on a a foundation of human guidance."


Part 4

of our series about our interdisciplinary specialists and their contributions at Tom Capital

Steven Van Winkel is the research and sales analyst at Tom Capital. With his background studies in Finance and Economics and experience as a product specialist, he has taken on a double role as a member of the research team on the one hand and the Tom Capital’s sales and marketing activities on the other.

Before joining Tom Capital in December 2017, Steven worked at UBS as a product specialist where he was responsible for creating systematic, rule-based models to bring the bank’s cross-asset research into the portfolios of private clients in an automated way. Additionally, he gained experience as a Sales Trader, trading large blocks of equities for institutional clients and as a sales specialist for structured products.


He has a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance from the University of St.Gallen with a focus on quantitative modeling, financial markets and econometrics. Additionally, he is a CAIA charter holder.


As part of the research team, he has helped to improve existing models, increase the portfolio diversification into new markets and develop applications to enhance the market forecasts. One example of this is to introduce a new method of filtering and aggregating input indicators for the models. Further, he has worked to become a Python programmer to improve the scalability of the research process, the development of the machine-learning focused models, and the fund’s portfolio management. On the sales side, Steven serves as a point of contact for new clients and uses our forecasting platform TomCast to provide automated marketing content for our social media channels.

It is his goal to contribute to a fully-fledged quantitative and

systematic investment model, combing the latest machine learning methods with the human knowledge required to understand the financial markets. As a second step, he would like to market Tom Capital, presenting exactly this unique investment approach of the company, which can serve any client’s needs.

August 8  2019