Our investment strategies are based on our research, which serves investors as a transparent, measurable and easy-to-use investment guide. Our funds translate our codified investment knowledge into measurable results.

Tom Capital Research (TCR)

The outcome of our research is the market direction and price deviation. Our models cover the world’s largest markets, including the S&P 500, DAX and SMI for stocks, US treasury notes for interest rates, or AUD and GBP vs. USD for currencies.

Overall, we deliver a point-in-time snapshot of the market’s condition, visualized in the market matrix and fair price graph.

Bull Bear
Overbought Sell
Oversold Buy
  • The graph illustrates the current price of a given market (black line), compared to its fair price (blue dotted line)
  • Below the green line the market is strongly oversold
  • Combined with a bullish market direction it becomes a buying opportunity, vice versa for the red line
  • Very strong buying and selling combinations are illustrated with green and red areas
  • Positively cheap price (oversold)
  • Combined with a bullish market direction it does become a buying opportunity
  • Expensive price (overbought)
  • Combined with a bearish market direction it does become a selling opportunity
  • Short term fair price compared to actual price (black line) of the respective market (SMI)
  • Market status bullish based on our daily calculation
  • The strength is reflected by the height
  • Market status bearish based on our daily calculation
  • The strength is reflected by the height
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Tom Capital Growth Fund (TCGF)

Through extensive live and back-testing, we have developed a trading strategy that aims to extract the maximum return from our research. Thus, the performance of the fund documents the added value of our signals.


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The fund is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and can be bought at every bank or broker. The minimum investment is one unit with a current price of about CHF 130.61 Valor and ISIN numbers can be found in the fact sheet.

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