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The Tom Capital Research (TCR) indicates possible price movements of a market. It is not an investment recommendation or advice. The Tom Capital Growth Fund (TCGF) and the Swiss Equity Futures Fund (the Funds) are contractual funds under Swiss law (art. 71 CISA). Investing in the Funds bears the risk of not recouping the original investment in full. Investments in the Funds described on this Website should only be made on the basis of the related legal documents, including the current sales prospectuses, respectively the fund contracts, the key investor information documents (KIID) and the most recent annual and the semi-annual reports, and after consulting with your finance, tax and other advisors. Investors in the Funds need to be prepared and capable to, and may suffer a partial or total loss of their invested capital. Tom Capital uses TCR to manage TCGF before making TCR available to any addressee thereof. 


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