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We offer modular access to our investment process and our infrastructure enabling our clients to fully align their investment preferences and constraints with our offering.

Tom Capital Growth Fund (TCGF)

With the Tom Capital Growth Fund (TCGF), we offer any interested party direct and cost-efficient access to a consistent implementation of our engineering approach to investing (see Investment Approach). TCGF is a systematic global macro fund, registered in Switzerland and regulated by the Swiss supervisory authority (FINMA). It provides tax reporting to Germany and Austria. The share classes in USD, EUR, CHF are open to investors of all sizes starting with a minimal investment of 150 USD to 3 million USD.


Due to its well-engineered investment process built on forecasting, trading, diversification and risk management components, TCGF is well equipped with the flexibility required to withstand volatile market conditions. 

Please find more details in our latest fact sheet below.

Our Investment Approach

We integrate proven investment knowledge and advanced data science into a unique investment process. This generates returns uncorrelated with the most common investment approaches while limiting drawdowns.

  • We continuously and systematically develop proprietary forecasts to generate an information advantage. We process a comprehensive set of relevant public data concerning economic, sentiment and technical developments to anticipate the investment decisions of other market participants.

  • Our trading seeks to extract value from mid-term trends, identified by our forecasts, as well as from short-term volatility. This allows it to benefit from both trending and sideways markets.

  • Our portfolio construction diversifies risk over four different liquid asset classes and multiple markets reducing the volatility over the medium term below a comparable equity investment.

The foundation to our efforts is our high-end research and trading infrastructure allowing excellent risk, order and data management.

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Are you already an investor?

Our most

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 Our research and forecasting platform


TomCast provides investors full access to the market research of Tom Capital. It aims to equip you with tools to follow, understand and verify Tom Capital’s forecasts and explore what we have identified as the driving forces behind the market.


The forecast is updated daily with all new developments.


Consistent and systematic data interpretation.


A comprehensive data set is used covering mid-term fundamental and short term technical data.

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