See you again: 2 nd Time in Geneva, June 21 2018

Join us at our Geneva Event & Apéro 2018more...

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Top Idea: S&P 500 Short - 1-month high conviction short

Just as our DAX forecast last week, now our S&P 500 forecast is highly bearish. more...

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Our DAX forecast is currently highly bearish

We expect a substantial correction given that valuations remain stretched and macroeconomic momentum has deteriorated significantly. more...

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5. Juni 2018 - JETZT Anmelden zu unserem Event in St. Gallen

Erfahren Sie, wie sich unser Ingenieuransatz unter steigender Volatilität entwickeltmore...

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June 21, 2018 - Tom Capital goes to Geneva 2018

Systematic Investing in Times of Volatilitymore...

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Improving our geographical diversification to offer, more diversified returns

Join us to our TomCast Platform: more...

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1. Tom Capital Event in St. Gallen - Die Roadshow geht weiter...

Bei unserem 1. Tom Capital Event in St. Gallen redet Dr. Magne Orgland über den momentanen Anlagenotstand. Melden Sie sich an unter: Registrierung Event St. Gallen Programm hier einsehbar: PROGRAMM more...

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Tom Capital Exclusive Event-Overview 2018

HERE: SIGN UP City Agenda Here: St. Gallen Geneva Lugano BERN Past EVENTS: Zurich Basel more...

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Tom Capital Forecast: Predicting the February market correction

 Find out more on: www.tomcast.orgmore...

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NEU: Jetzt auch in Basel, am 19.03.2018

Outperformance in volatilen Zeiten more...

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