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 "Fully automated and stable risk management is the basis to success in

asset management today"


Part 6

of our series about our interdisciplinary specialists and their contributions at Tom Capital

Marco Rancan is responsible for Tom Capital’s risk management and compliance - identifying opportunities and avoiding unexpected risks.

One of Marco’s main contributions was to use his experience to guide the setup of an internal system called Tomfit, which provides transparent and accurate monitoring of market exposure, performance attribution, and trades. This stable system checks trades, reconciles positions with custodians, and compares exposure limits with the prospectus and regulatory requirements – it creates complete confidence for us, for the fund administrator as well as for FINMA (the Swiss Fund regulator).

Tomfit is a fully automated production system that allows us to precisely monitor each step in the portfolio management process from simulations and trading to position reconciliation.

If a module or application fails, our team is alarmed minute by minute with enough logging information from the system so that the issue can be identified as quickly as possible and further steps can be initiated.

This ensures that all legal and regulatory requirements can always be met, and any external audit is easier and more transparent.

The expansion of new structures and the adaptation of internal procedures as well as the implementation of improvements in portfolio management is much easier and more consistent – which is a big advantage in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. 


Marco has 25 years of professional experience in the consulting and financial services industry, where he worked for, inter alia, Accenture, Julius Baer and FinOps. After leaving Julius Baer as senior vice president of securities and funds administration, he founded FinOps – a Swiss startup for outsourcing business of fund administration and wealth reporting.

He is an expert in funds and securities topics as well as all relevant risks related to compliance issues.

He holds a master’s in business administration, with banking, finance and accounting, from the University of Zurich.

August 28   2019