"Tom Capital aims at becoming a pioneer of digital marketing in the financial marketplace."

Part 5

of our series about our interdisciplinary specialists and their contributions at Tom Capital

Jasmina Wenger, Head of Marketing & Communications at Tom Capital, is leading these efforts. She manages all communication channels in marketing based on her qualifications in digital marketing and social media. Additionally, her studies of law at the Freie Universität Berlin combined with her practical expertise allows her to support with inquiries and regulatory matters for Tom Capital’s compliance. 

Her keen interest in asset management led her to attend the Swiss Fund & Asset Management Officer course. 

Before Jasmina joined Tom Capital, she managed the legal and business administration department of a medium-sized company in Berlin. She worked closely with the management on all financial and operational issues. Her team was responsible for the operational development of company structures as well as the organization of events.

The combination of placing targeted marketing in compliance with legal requirements makes it even more interesting for her to place a product or a brand and to make it known. 

Jasmina clearly sees TomCast, the forecasting platform built by Tom Capital, as a unique selling point in the financial sector. "Generating automated marketing signals that are linked to market behavior speaks for professional IT and collaboration of the entire team. Tom Capital is definitely about to become a pioneer of digital marketing in the financial marketplace." 

Her main target at Tom Capital is to close the gap between compliance requirements and social media positioning. To achieve this success, traditional sales and marketing structures should be complemented by innovative digital marketing actions. 

Qualitative and informative events with external speakers, such as the one held in the middle of this year with the well-known "Quant of the Year", Marcos Lopez de Prado, remain essential and clearly show that Tom Capital is a serious player in successful and professional asset management.

August 16  2019