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 Our research and forecasting platform

TomCast provides investors access to the market research behind some of our forecasts. It aims to equip you with tools to follow, understand and verify forecasts that Tom Capital developed and explore what we have identified as the driving forces behind the market.



The forecast is updated daily with all new developments.


Consistent and systematic data interpretation.


A comprehensive data set is used covering mid-term fundamental and short term technical data.

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our research and forecasting platform?


Tom Capital`s forecast are built with the aim that they allow us to anticipate investor behaviors.

One way we do this is by grouping investors of a financial market by similar interests and similar data they use as input for their investment decision. For each of these distinct groups, we develop a systematic forecast by applying a heuristic interpretation of the data series observed and by aggregating the interpretation to one score

Another approach to build effective forecasts that we use which is not reflected in TomCast, leverages data science techniques to group data which in turn serves as the input for machine learning derived market forecasts. As a result of using multiple approaches, we benefit from higher quality forecasts and improved diversification.


 Our Top Idea Platform

by TomCast

We have developed our TOP IDEA section so that our community can receive our high conviction investment alerts. We share the entry and exit points we find attractive in the markets we cover.

Our investment alerts runs automatically and are triggered by a pre-defined set of rules.

Take the opportunity and follow the trends of the individual markets and receive attractive entry and exit points based on our research.

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summary of the

last alerts 

Performance Analysis
TomCast Alerts


The below charts show the automatically triggered investment alerts, based on our proprietary research. The alerts are triggered and closed based on a pre-defined set of rules and should provide attractive entry and exit points in the markets covered by our research. The tables show the performance of each investment alert.

Alert Performance based on current TomCast models 


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