“Machines need guidance to understand financial markets correctly.”


Part 3

of our series about our interdisciplinary specialists and their contributions at Tom Capital

Benjamin von Haase leads the economic and investment strategy research at Tom Capital. More than 8 years of experience in systematic asset management, complemented by a sound education in the fields of economics, finance and quantitative methods, enable him to transfer profound financial market knowledge into innovative systematic investment strategies.

Before joining Tom Capital in March 2017, he worked as an investment strategist for Vescore in Zurich, responsible for tactical asset allocation and financial market analysis. Prior to this, he gained experience as a portfolio manager for Vescore in Munich/Zurich, where he contributed to the development of quantitative investment strategies and the management of large multi-asset-class portfolios for institutional clients.

He holds a master’s degree in economics and finance from Goethe University Frankfurt. Besides, he is a CFA charterholder.

Benjamin helped to further improve the risk/return profile of Tom Capitals’s existing proprietary global macro models.  He introduced a comprehensive set of new forecasting inputs and methodological advances, which once more increased the robustness of our models. Moreover, he introduced additional markets, accompanied by a risk-adjusted capital allocation for asset classes and markets further enhancing diversification.  

Currently, he is guiding our next generation machine-learning supported models to master the art of financial market forecasting. This guidance involves general modeling aspects, feature selection, setting appropriate restrictions and finding the right model match for multifaceted markets. It is his goal to create state-of-the-art predictive models, which combine the advantages of efficient, machine-learning-based data analysis and human market know-how.

August 01  2019