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Tom Capital AG is a privately owned, well-financed and fully independent Swiss financial advisor and authorized asset manager of collective investment schemes. It is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is an active member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (VSV ASG).


With very experienced analysts and portfolio managers, we focus on research and develop systematic investment strategies. Dedicated teams, managed by experienced leaders, assure operational efficiency with risk management and compliance service, and serve and advise our clients from our offices in Zurich.

Thomas Stämpfli is the founder of Tom Capital and member of the Board of Directors; he is also head of asset management. He has spent the last 25 years mining data and building models to forecast the probability of future events in order to make profit-enhancing decisions. He founded Deltavista and led it to a dominant market leadership in the forecast of default probability of companies and private persons. Previously, he developed spread trading models for the equity market with Salomon Brothers in New York; this was followed by the establishment of Leikauf, Schmid & Stämpfli with two partners, which offered systematic and fully automated trading strategies in the futures markets. He has a degree in business administration, with finance and accounting, from the University of St. Gallen.


Dr. Magne Orgland

Dr. Magne Orgland serves as chairman of the Board of Directors at Tom Capital AG. He has been engaged for the last 13 years as chairman and a member of several boards. He has extensive experience in asset management, which he gained as head of the investment committee and Chief Investment Officer at Wegelin & Co., where he worked for more than 12 years. Previously, he was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he advised top executives on strategic and organizational issues. Dr. Orgland is the author of more than 75 articles on investment and asset management. He holds a master’s in finance and accounting, and a PhD in strategic management from the University of St. Gallen.


Dr. Kurt Moosmann

Dr. Kurt Moosmann serves as a member of the Board of Directors at Tom Capital AG. In 2014, he established Moosmann Capital Advisors Ltd. (MCA), a fully independent and multi-disciplinary advisory firm that serves first-generation entrepreneurs through to multi-generational family businesses and family offices. Previously, he co-founded and led a Swiss multi-family office in Zurich and New York, and was a member of the Executive Committee of Quilvest Switzerland Ltd., where he was responsible for the creation and management of its Wealth Advisory department. Earlier in his career, he was the international head of Deutsche Bank’s Wealth Planning division. He holds a PhD in law from the University of Zurich and an MBA in international wealth management from Carnegie Mellon University.


Benjamin von Haase; CFA

Benjamin von Haase is responsible for research coverage of multiple asset classes. Before joining Tom Capital, he worked as an investment strategist for Vescore in Zurich, responsible for tactical asset allocation and financial market analysis. Prior to this, he worked as a portfolio manager for Vescore in Munich, where he contributed to the development of quantitative investment strategies and the management of portfolios for institutional clients. He holds a master’s degree in economics and finance from Goethe University Frankfurt. In addition, he is a Chartered Financial Analyst.


Dr. Christian Gloor

Dr. Christian Gloor is responsible for converting Tom Capitals market forecasts into systematic trading signals. He has more than 15 years of experience in the financial industry. Before joining Tom Capital he was Senior Quantitative Developer at Man Groups systematic hedge fund AHL. Earlier, as CTO of the company that built the second largest stock exchange of Switzerland, Berne eXchange, he was responsible for the overall design and operation of the electronic trading platform with automated clearing, settlement, and reporting functionality. He holds a PhD from ETH Zurich in Distributed Machine Learning.

Marco Rancan is responsible for risk management and compliance. He has 25 years’ professional experience in the consulting and financial services industry, where he worked for, inter alia, Accenture, Julius Baer and FinOps. After leaving Julius Baer as senior vice president of securities and funds administration, he founded FinOps – one of the leading Swiss firms in the mid-office outsourcing business of wealth reporting and administration. He is an expert in funds and securities topics, and all relevant risk related to compliance issues. He holds a master’s in business administration, with banking, finance and accounting, from the University of Zurich.

Dr. Artem Chakirov is responsible for leading the development, implementation and marketing of a digital platform for collaborative forecasting of financial markets. Before joining Tom Capital, he worked as a researcher and software developer at the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore, where he gained expertise in human behaviour modelling and applied machine learning techniques for analysis and optimisation of mobility pricing policies. He holds a diploma in electrical engineering and information technology from Technical University of Munich and a PhD in transport planning and economics from ETH Zurich.

Jasmina Schulz is Marketing Manager at Tom Capital. She is responsible for marketing and events and is responsible for compliance.

After her legal education and studies in Berlin she worked for a few years as a team leader and executive assistant for an international e-commerce business in Berlin. Currently, she is completing her diploma of LL.B. at the University of Hagen and her diploma of the swiss fund asset and management officer.

Marc Röthlisberger is senior relationship manager at Tom Capital AG. Based on 18 years of professional experience in the financial service industry, he worked for Berner Kantonalbank, Raiffeisenbank, Privatbankiers Reichmuth&Co and other financial institutions. He has held various senior functions in private banking and is an expert in the field of marketing and sales. Advising and managing international clients’ wealth has been one of his core responsibilites. He is a Swiss-certified banking specialist.


Steven Van Winkel; CAIA

Steven Van Winkel will support the Marketing & Sales division as well as the research team at Tom Capital. Before joining Tom Capital he worked for 4 years as a product specialist for UBS Wealth Management, responsible for developing quantitative models to generate portfolio optimized investment ideas across all major asset classes. He holds a master’s degree in Banking & Finance and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of St. Gallen. In addition, he is a Chartered Alternative Investments Analyst.

Louis-Paul Zuppinger supports client relationship management and promotes the products and services of the firm. He is currently studying business administration and management at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. In the past Louis-Paul was working for Credit Suisse Private Banking in Zurich and abroad in Singapore and Malaysia for a luxurious watch brand.

Bendri Batti is responsible for the production system, software-architecture and development at Tom Capital. He has more than 10 years of experience in database modeling, programming and state-of-the-art hardware and software architecture design. Before joining Tom Capital, he held the role of Lead Engineer and Project Manager at Indexium, a joint venture between SIX Swiss Exchange and Deutsche Börse, where he headed the development of the calculation platform for indices. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences, Kaiserslautern.


Rui da Costa



Rui da Costa is a senior developer at Tom Capital. He has experience across many technologies and has more than 20 years of experience in IT and over 17 years in finance including work at Barclays Capital, UBS Investment Bank and Credit Suisse. Before joining Tom Capital, he was the IT Manager at Corestone Investment Managers AG performing both development of the software platform and infrastructure. He obtained his BSc Information Systems from the University of New South Wales, Australia.



Martin is a quantitative developer & researcher at Tom Capital. He has experience in software engineering and application of mathematical and statistical methods to betting markets. Prior to joining Tom Capital he founded a technology & design studio specializing in machine learning research and software development. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science.


Roman Babenko is a front end developer specializing in data visualization. He has extensive knowledge
of front end technologies like ReactJS, AngularJS, PolymerJS, virtualization products like Docker, AWS and
functional, object oriented, procedural programming. Before joining Tom Capital AG Roman worked as full
stack developer at Finnova Bankware AG, Avaloq Evolution AG, as quantitative analyst at LGT Capital Management
as well as Omicron Investment Management, Vienna. He obtained master's degree in game theory from the Institute of Advanced Studies, Vienna, Austria.


Our Logo

The walnut tree is our symbol, taken from the garden of our founder. Solidly anchored in the ground, it provides year-on-year returns to its owner in the form of walnuts. These walnuts can be easily stored and enjoyed for years to come. The number of walnuts varies greatly from year to year, but the sum over a three-year period is constant. This is what we aim to achieve for our clients. The tree is here to remind us of this objective every day.

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